Once the centre of the Ottoman Empire, the modern secular republic was established in the 1920s by nationalist leader Kemal Ataturk.

Straddling the continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey’s strategically important location has given it major influence in the region – and control over the entrance to the Black Sea. Aegean and Mediterranean coastal areas enjoy the typical Mediterranean climate.

Turkey is a modern country with a captivating blend of antiquity and contemporary and East and West. Get interesting information about Turkey and read up on our history, culture and art, nature and geography, traditional culinary culture, real Turkish lifestyle and more. All you need to know about Turkey and beyond.

more than 110 countries
PASSPORT 3 to 4 months
YOUR COSTS minimum 250,000 USD + application fees
LOCATION 38.9637° N,
35.2433° E
MAIN CITY Istanbul
CURRENCY Turkish Lira
POPULATION approx 82,000,000
TOTAL AREA 783,562 km²
Citizenship Benefits
  • Popular real estate investment program
  • Fast track passports for family within 3 months
  • No interview, language tests, education, business or military service
  • No residence requirements
  • E-1/E-2 visa treaty with United States
  • Dual citizenship unrestricted in Turkey
  • Interesting program offering Govt bonds and bank deposit option for citizenship
  • Right to vote and hold Govt offices
  • Citizenship is permanent and passed down to future family generations
  • Open to all country nationals
  • Simple and easy application process
  • Dual citizenship status
  • A well respected second passport
  • Passports issued within 3-4 months
  • Citizenship is private not reported anywhere

There are 3 options available for the Turkish program. The first is via a real estate purchase, the second is by making a bank deposit and the third involves investing into a fund. To find out more about these options, download our guide below.

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