Technical Guides

These technical guides are designed to provide more information on critical areas of financial planning. All of the information provided in the guide is correct at the time of publishing, and it should be borne in mind that some of these figures will change over time.
Please contact us if you would like more information regarding any of the content in these guides. 
*The information in these guides is directed only at persons outside the United Kingdom and must not be acted upon by persons in the United Kingdom.


Pension guides

A Guide For Expatriates And International Investors With Private or Company Pensions In The UK By Hoxton Capital Management

This guide covers the differences between the various pension options in the US.

This guide explains the UK pension transfer for UK expats in Australia.

A guide for expatriates and international investors with private or company pensions in Ireland.

State pension guide

A guide for expatriates who have left the UK and have questions about their UK State Pension.

Retirement plans US resident aliens

retirement planning solutions guide for US resident aliens.


A detailed guide for explaining all you need to know about how a Superannuation works

Finanical Planning guides

A Guide For Education Fee Planning By Hoxton Capital Management

A Guide For End of Service Benefit Planning By Hoxton Capital Management

Importance of a Will

A guide for expatriates looking to plan and safeguard their finances for their family’s future.


Here’s a condensed guide for you to lay the groundwork for your investments, taxes, and more as an expat in Australia.

This regular savings plan guide offers help to those who are looking to save and invest regularly in the offshore market.

Offshore bank accounts guide

A guide for expatriates looking to understand the practice of opening an offshore bank account.

A guide for British expats living in France. An Assurance Vie provides tax benefits, flexibility, estate planning & more.

Property guides

Would you like to know more about investing in UK buy-to-let market? Do it with our guide in 5 simple steps!

Tax guides

A Guide For Ten Year Tax Rule By Hoxton Capital Management

Share transfer guide

Download our free US Share transfer guide

A guide to help explain the Double Tax Treaty in place between the UK and the top 30 countries where our clients live

Family investment company

Download our free tax guide for investors taking the limited company route

UK tax return guide

Download our free tax return guide for UK expats

Download our free Italian tax guide for expats

A Guide For Financial Emigration and Tax for South African Expats By Hoxton Capital Management

Portugal tax guide

This guide explains the tax rules affecting British expats in Portugal.

This guide explains the tax rules affecting British expats in Spain.

This guide explains the tax rules affecting British expats in France.

This guide explains the tax rules affecting British expats in Malta.

This guide explains the tax rules affecting British expats in Cyprus.

Protection guides

This guide explains why you should have a WILL

Lasting power of attorney guide

Download our free lasting power of attorney guide

Medical health insurance guide

Download our free private health insurance guide


Q1 2023 GUIDE

Download our free Q1 2023 market report

Q2 REPORT 2023

Download our free Q2 2023 market report

Download our free Q3 2023 market report


Download our free Q3 2022 market report

Download our free 2023 outlook report

Download our free 2023 Budget factsheet

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