Hoxton Capital Management provides unparalleled personal financial advice to expatriate clients living globally.

Hoxton Capital Management is a borderless, independent financial advisory consultancy, unrelenting in its commitment to safeguarding your financial future.

Founded by UK qualified financial advisers, Hoxton Capital Management offers a fresh approach with a dynamic energy that sets it apart from its competitors in the offshore marketplace.

About us

Founded in 2018 by Chris Ball and Matt Dean, Hoxton Capital Management endeavours to provide the highest possible service to our clients.

Hoxton Capital Management has quickly established itself as one of the fastest growing independent advisory companies. Since inception in 2018 with a team of just 5, Hoxton Capital has grown to over 100 employees across 8 global offices. We now have operations in London, Malta, Sydney, Texas, Abu Dhabi and multiple offices in Dubai. From these global hubs we manage a rapidly growing client base of mostly expatriate clients.

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Investing with Hoxton Capital Management

Hoxton Capital Management offers financial support across three stages

Wealth Protection
  • Life Insurance​
  • Wills and lasting power of attorney
  • Offshore bank accounts
  • Review
Wealth Creation
  • Thinking ahead​
  • Pension and savings plans​
  • Property investment
  • Competitive solutions for money transfers
  • Investment optimisation
  • Tax efficient growth
Wealth Preservation
  • Investment reviews and recommendations
  • Maximise investment returns


Hoxton Capital Management

Our Ethos

At Hoxton Capital Management we pride ourselves on our personalised, honest and deeply committed approach.

We offer tailored solutions and relevant advice that can only come from a deep understanding of you and your personal requirements.

We work with you to understand your financial goals and offer the right strategies to help your investments develop and move forward so you can live out your financial dreams.

Our Advisers

Our highly qualified team of British-trained and highly experienced advisers, offer sound knowledge and transparent advice with a personal approach. Honesty and integrity is always at the forefront of any advice.

Our Fees

Our unique fee structure means you can choose an option that best suits your circumstance.

Our Fee-based structure means you pay a direct fee, agreed upon prior to service.

Our Commission-based structure means your product provider pays a varied rate on your behalf, based on portfolio performance with no extra fees.

All fees are communicated with you before any engagement is finalised.


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