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Founded in 2018 by Chris Ball and Matt Dean, Hoxton Capital Management endeavours to provide the highest possible service to our clients.

Hoxton Capital Management has quickly established itself as one of the fastest-growing independent advisory companies. Since its inception in 2018 with a team of just 5, Hoxton Capital has grown to over 300 employees across 8 global offices. We now have operations in London, Malta, Sydney, New York & Dubai. From these global hubs, we manage a rapidly growing client base of mostly expatriate clients.

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Hoxton Capital Management

Qualified advice


All our financial advisers must be UK-qualified level 4 and comply with any requirements the FCA requests.

We have built up an impeccable brand and reputation thanks to the trust our clients have in all our advisers and services.

End-to-end Service


We offer a full scope of financial services to expats, no matter where they are in the world.

We have in-house specialists who are experts in all sectors of financial planning such as pensions, property, tax & insurance.

Our breadth of services takes away the pain of having to use multiple companies and ensures your finances are managed under one roof.



We offer tailored financial advice for each client.

Our in-house customer service teams take away the stress of transferring your pension with 24/7 support.

Our client servicing team looks after your experience and makes sure you have a smooth onboarding with quarterly reviews.

Client  Portal

Use the Hoxton Capital Client Portal to ascertain your global Net Worth at any given time using Live Data from your bank accounts, property price trackers and your investment portfolio.
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