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Hoxton Capital Management is a renowned, regulated firm that provides top-quality Legal Services. Our expertise lies in assisting expatriates in creating Lasting Power of Attorneys, Wills & Trusts – which helps enable them to accomplish their financial objectives for their families and future endeavours.

When living and working abroad, numerous challenges arise, and safeguarding your financial interests both presently and in the long run becomes crucial. At Hoxton Capital Management, we prioritise the protection of our client’s finances. Our track record of awards speaks to our commitment to delivering exceptional legal services to expats looking to plan for the future. Get in touch below to get started.

Our legal team prides itself on delivering a fresh and innovative approach, distinguished by dynamic energy that sets us apart from our competitors in the offshore marketplace. Our primary focus is on meeting the legal needs of our clients, regardless of their location in the world. We are committed to providing tailored and reliable legal services that address the unique circumstances and requirements of our clients.

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Lasting Power of Attorney guide

This Lasting Power of Attorney guide provides you with the peace of mind that if you can no longer make financial decisions, you have a plan to elect someone to do it for you.

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Importance of a will guide

We specialise in creating professionally drafted Wills tailored to your personal circumstances. Ensure your wishes are respected and download our free Wills guide

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Estate planning health check

Take this quick estate planning health check. If you answer 'no' to any of the questions, review your estate planning documents to ensure that your estate plan will do the job.

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Power of attorney

What is a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Powers of Attorney (POA) have been serving the public for centuries. It is a powerful legal document which allows an individual (Donor) to appoint a person of their own choice (an Attorney) to look after their affairs should they, at a later stage, no longer wish to make these decisions or cannot manage their affairs themselves.

Writing a Will

The importance of writing a Will

Delaying the creation of a Will can result in numerous issues for your loved ones after your passing. Failing to establish a Will could result in a portion or the entirety of your inheritance being distributed to the incorrect individual or the government. However, by drafting a Will, you can determine precisely how your property (Estate) will be handled following your demise. 


Trust planning

Trusts are a way of managing wealth – money, investments, land or property – for you, your family, or anyone else you’d like to benefit. You no longer own it when you put money or property in a trust, provided certain conditions are met. It might not count towards your Inheritance Tax bill when you die. Find out the ins and outs of using a trust to cut your Inheritance Tax.


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