Planning Tools

The UK Domicile Test

Understanding the difference between non-resident and non-domiciled is critical. The quick test will give you an idea as to whether or not HMRC may deem you UK domiciled for tax purposes.

Critical Illness Calculator

How much critical illness cover do you need? Try this calculator to find out.

The UK Pension Transfer Test

Many people ask us if they can transfer their pension, this quick assessment can give you an idea as to whether your pension assets are transferable or not.

Regular Saving Calculator

Regular savings calculator helps determine monthly savings goal. Input: desired savings, years, interest rate. Output: monthly savings.

Pension Calculator

The pension calculator helps you understand if you are on track for retirement and also factors in potential state benefits.

Stamp Duty Calculator

How much tax will you pay on a UK property purchase? Try this calculator to find out.

Mortgage Calculator

Looking for a mortgage in the UK? This mortgage repayment calculator will help you understand how much it will cost you per month.

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