Grenada is a spice island nation with an exotic topography, breathtaking beaches and year-round temperate climate.

The State of Grenada consists of three islands Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique which form the southern end of the Windward Islands.

The Grenada Citizen by investment (GCBI) remains one of the most popular passport schemes in the world for pricing and passport benefits. GCBI is touted as the gold standard in the industry. Grenada is also the only Caribbean nation to offer both a citizenship by investment programme and the option to concurrently apply for a permanent residence card.

Becoming a Citizen of Grenada by investment gives right to live and work in Grenada at all times, right to vote in elections and all the rights associated with membership of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). Grenada passport holders may currently travel to 124 countries around the world visa-free, including the UK and Europe’s Schengen area, Russia, Brazil and China. It also offers citizens limited opportunity to apply for the E-2 Investor Visa to the US.

more than 144 countries
PASSPORT after 2 to 3 months
YOUR COSTS minimum 200,000 USD + application fees
LOCATION 13° 3' N, 61° 45' W
MAIN CITY Saint George' s
CURRENCY EC$ (East Caribbean Dollar)
POPULATION approx 108,000
TOTAL AREA 344 km2
Why Grenada?
  • Grenada is home to wildlife attractions, marine life, hidden coves and national parks to relax
  • No foreign income, wealth, gift, inheritance, or capital gains tax.
  • Grenadian citizens enjoy social and political security, reinforced by its membership in the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations
  • No restriction on the repatriation of profits and imported capital.
  • St George University is renowned institution for medical education
  • Grenada was a French and British colony, but gained independence from the United Kingdom on February 7, 1974.
  • Grenada offers an authentic Caribbean life – a perfect place in which to live, work and play.
  • Attractive real estate market driven by surging tourism and 5*star hotels funded by CBI program
Citizenship Benefits
  • Minimal processing fees with fast passport times.
  • No interview, language tests, education, or military service
  • No requirement to visit Grenada before or after citizenship No requirement to reside in Grenada before or after citizenship is granted.
  • Application process is fully confidential
  • No disclosure or exchange of information with other governments or bodies
  • Dual citizen status for family members
  • Free movement across the globe with a powerful passport Permanent resident card with citizenship

Considering that Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program was only recently adopted in 2013, theGrenada government is still working out the exact parameters and requirements of the program. Therefore, it is highly advisable and important that you are assisted by our experienced lawyers and legal advisors in order to ensure the entire process is on the right track.

lt is required that the investor should provide proof of funds, as well as two references from their banker and their lawyer or financial accountant. Grenada offers two options for citizenship through investment.

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