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Hoxton Capital Management is an award-winning, regulated pension transfer firm. Our pension transfer specialists help expats invest their pensions into revenue-generating assets and guide them in achieving their financial goals for their families and their futures.

Living and working abroad brings its stresses, therefore making sure your finances are protected now and later down the line is imperative. Our pension transfer specialists make sure that our client’s appetite for risk is matched to the income they want in retirement and offer a transparent approach to dealing with their pension needs. 

Our pension transfer specialists make sure to offer our clients a fresh approach with a dynamic energy that sets us apart from our competitors in the offshore marketplace. Making sure our clients pension transfer needs are met, no matter where they are in the world is our main goal. Talk to one of our experts today!

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What pension do you want to transfer?

Defined Benefit

A UK Defined Benefit pension scheme will also sometimes be referred to as a Final Salary pension scheme. These are a type of workplace pension that will pay you an income in retirement – the level of which is based on your last salary level at the company and the number of years you worked for that employer. rather than the amount of money you’ve contributed to the pension.

Private sector defined benefit pensions are funded, this means it is possible to request access to an equivalent cash value for your pension and transfer this amount elsewhere.

Defined Contribution

In the UK, Defined Contribution pensions, sometimes called Money Purchase schemes, are now the most common type of pension. When you retire, the value of a defined contribution pension will simply be determined by: how much money you and/or your employer have paid into the pension, how the investment of those funds has performed, and how much tax relief you have received. 

If you are 55 or over, you can withdraw up to 25% of the value as a tax-free lump sum. The remainder will provide your income.

Dublin Ireland

Irish Pensions

For Irish Pensions, a transfer out of the existing scheme and into a more appropriate pension is generally possible if the member is no longer residing in Ireland, or for the purposes of consolidating multiple schemes.

Essentially, any personal Irish pension scheme can be transferred overseas irrespective of whether you have current employment overseas or not.

Transferrable Irish Deferred Pension Plan types include Occupational Pensions (both Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution type).


International Pensions

For International Pensions, we advise and assist clients with many other types of existing pension schemes across a variety of jurisdictions – most notably Australia, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland and the United States.

Whatever type of pension asset you hold, we can help identify and understand your options with respect to consolidating these assets and/or transferring them somewhere more suitable for your retirement.


What pension transfer service is right for you?



A Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is a UK pension vehicle for allowing investors to take control of their retirement investment. It offers more control to the individual and does not rely on trustees to make decisions for them.

The International SIPP is a tailored product for expats used by those with larger UK pension values and gives increased investment and currency choice.

Those who are temporarily, but not permanently living abroad, or those who think they are likely to return to the UK to retire in the future (or their surviving beneficiaries will return to the UK after their death) would generally also be well suited to considering a SIPP type solution.



A Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pensions Scheme (QROPS) is an international pension that is recognised by HMRC. Essentially it is a Trust arrangement that follows the UK Pension rules.

A QROPS can be particularly useful to those who are planning to retire abroad as it is flexible to your changing circumstances (such as moving between countries) and can benefit from local taxation rules around pension income.

Transferring to a QROPS means your pension will no longer fall under UK pension legislation and you will have access to a larger tax-free lump sum once you reach 55 years of age, greater currency and investment choice, and improved tax efficiency for your retirement.



Qualifying Non-UK Pension Schemes (QNUPS) are designed for pensions and income that will be taken outside the UK and can benefit wealthy retirement planners regardless of where they choose to live.

Funds within a QNUPS can be invested into a broader range of asset types, including commercial and residential property (irrespective of whether this is to be for your own use or a buy-to-let investment)

QNUPS can also be used by UK Residents and can be an effective tool for IHT Planning.

Why transfer your uk pension?

If you have left behind a UK pension and you are currently an expat located abroad, it is important that you learn why transferring your pension might be the best option for you and your financial future.

If you are looking to transfer your pension to wherever you are in the world, our team of UK-qualified pension transfer specialists can help you in putting a plan in place to make the transfer as easy as possible.

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Why choose us for pension transfers


All our Pensions and Retirement Planning specialists are fully qualified to the levels required by the UK FCA. Pension transfer specialists within the global team will also hold regional/jurisdictional specialist qualifications as required to conduct advice in their region.


In addition to the UK, Hoxton Capital Management has regulated advisory businesses and licenses in multiple jurisdictions worldwide, including Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.


In the UK, Hoxton has a directly authorised status from the FCA. Importantly this gives us the ability to offer our international clients full continuity of service if they decide to return home to the UK one-day and thus minimise disruption to their financial planning when and if that occurs.


Most of our advisory team have spent most of their careers as advisers helping clients that live overseas and, as a product of that, are expatriates themselves. This means that on a very direct basis we understand very closely the specific challenges and nuances that enter the equation when you are trying to plan your retirement internationally. 


An area within Retirement Planning in which we are particularly firmly established as highly renowned specialists is in the field of Pension Transfers. This highly technical area of advice requires specific authorisation from the FCA in the UK and requires individuals with very specific skills, knowledge, and qualifications.


We are proud to be specialists in our field but even prouder that our clients continue to confirm in their feedback that they hold our advice and our personnel in extremely high regard.

Entrusting the management of one’s retirement assets is a significant decision to make, and our clients continue to be universally satisfied.


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