Antigua was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and later became a British settlement.

Antigua was named after Church of ‘Santa María La Antigua’. Antigua was colonized by Britain in 1632, later Barbuda island was first colonised in 1678. Under Lord Nelson, it became Britain’s main naval base from which it patrolled the West Indies. Antigua and Barbuda remains one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands with 365 beaches of clear turquoise waters, coral reefs, white beaches, lush tropical islands , a true paradise of stunning beauty. Antigua and Barbuda became an independent state from United Kingdom on 1November 1981. Antigua is famous for its many luxury resorts as an ultra-high end travel destination.

Investment banking and financial services also make up an important part of the economy. In September2017, Hurricane Irma damaged or destroyed 95% of Barbuda’s buildings and infrastructure and as a result, all the island’s inhabitants were evacuated to Antigua, leaving Barbuda empty for the first time in modern history. Antigua is extremely popular with celebrities, film shootings and remains vacation home for many movie stars.

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to more than 150 countries
PASSPORT after 3 to 4 months
YOUR COSTS minimum 100,000 USD + application fees
LOCATION 17° 3' N, 61 ° 48' W
MAIN CITY Saint John's
CURRENCY EC$ (East Caribbean Dollar)
POPULATION approx. 68,000
TOTAL AREA 448 km2

The investor and family members can immediately obtain their Antigua and Barbuda passports once their application is approved and the documents are valid for an initial period of five years with the possibility to renew indefinitely. It is not required to permanently reside in the country, but as a main request is that the investor and his family are required to spend at least 70 days in Antigua and Barbuda during the years after they receive their first passport. The failure to do so will prevent the investors and their families from renewing their passports after the passports expire.

Besides other documents and materials, the application must include proof of the investment as an escrow agreement, bank deposit, wire transfer, etc., and if the chosen option would be the real estate investment, a copy of the real estate deed of sale, title transfer, and contract.

An original reference letter from an internationally recognized bank. This document should not be older than six months.

One professional reference from an attorney, accountant, notary, or similar professional. Should not be older than six months.

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