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The UK property market varies from town to town. Many UK regions have seen substantial growth in the last 10 years, with property hotspots such as Manchester, Liverpool and Greater London emerging.

At Hoxton Property, we’re experts in the UK property market with years of experience finding the right locations and best developments for our investors.

Our Developments

We work with well-established developers in the United Kingdom such as The Heaton Group, Top Capital Group, 10M and Salboy. All developments are carefully chosen by our dedicated property sourcing team and they go through a comprehensive due diligence to make sure that they are fully funded before we offer them to clients.

Birmingham property

The UK’s second city ranks as one of the most popular in Europe in which to invest – higher than London – and is currently attracting £billions of investment into citywide retail, commercial and residential space, and infrastructure projects.

Greater London

West London’s growing success as an alternative to purchasing in the prime London market benefits the buyer who sees the value and opportunity of long-term capital gain.


Manchester’s population is growing rapidly, and faster than the national average. It also benefits from a large student population, with around 20,000 deciding to remain in Manchester after graduating each year.


Hull is a city with pulling power. Ranked as one of the best locations for businesses in the UK, the city now has more jobs than ever before. More than one million people live in Hull and its immediate hinterland, with a further nine million people living within a two-hour drive.


Liverpool’s incredibly low property prices are a huge reason to invest in the city’s rental market, and make Liverpool investment an affordable option for both first-time investors and those looking to grow their portfolio.


While its famous steel industry still exists, the fact that Sheffield is now a global name in the science of metallurgy shows clearly how the city has managed to maintain its heritage while future-proofing its local economy by adapting and diversifying.


This gem on the cusp of the North West has gone from strength to strength with a growing job market, cutting-edge cultural initiatives and developments in a number of key areas. 

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