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A guide to help uk expats financially plan for investing & tax while located in Australia.

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A superannuation is similar to a workplace pension in that you pay into the fund as you work and reap financial support upon retirement in Australia. Usually, for those who earn a high income and have disposable income to invest, superannuation can also facilitate tax savings. For those who are retired, above 60 years of age, and
receiving a pension, superannuation can eliminate tax liabilities.

Contributions made by employers, such as those under a salary sacrifice arrangement and personal contributions claimed as tax deductions are concessional. While they are subjected to a marginal tax rate of up to 45% in Australia, tax rates in the UK are 15%.


  • Double contributions tax
  • QROPS SMSF eligibility
  • Currency during transfer
  • Fund earning


After setting up a superannuation, it is best to set up an emergency fund that has funds worth at least 3-6 months of your income. Except for an emergency, these funds should not be withdrawn. At the same time, they must be accessible so that you can use them immediately during an emergency. Avoid locking up these funds in long-term investments.

Once you move to Australia to settle there, the ATO will consider you a permanent resident and that you have brought with you your foreign assets. These two factors will decide your taxation in Australia. The assets you bring to Australia form your cost base; calculating the value of this cost base helps you determine your CGT (capital gains tax) liabilities. Because your CGT liabilities are reset to a value of 0, you can re-evaluate your portfolio and plan accordingly.

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This guide was created by our pension advisers. Our advisers are some of the best in the world and understand the pains of having assets split all over the world. They have put together this easy-to-follow guide to help and inform all expatriates who may have questions about financial planning while located in Australia.

This guide was last updated in December 2022.

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