Regular Saving Calculator

Savings Goal Calculator

If you already have a specific goal that you wish to save towards, such as a property purchase deposit, school fees, a wedding, then this tool will help you to understand what it will take to achieve that goal.  Perhaps you simply want to save to accumulate an emergency pot, or you have a goal figure that you want to save towards to become financial independent or to retire. 

This tool will help you to understand how much you need to start saving each month to make your goals happen.

By saving and investing regularly you will enjoy the impact of compound growth on your savings over time, and by using this tool you can see how your savings can accumulate towards your goal. Enter the total (goal figure) amount that you need to save, the time frame within which you want to reach this target, and the tool can do the rest.

Once you run the calculator you will be given a full breakdown of the compounding growth year by year as you save and invest your way to hitting your goal.

Calculation Results

To reach your target of in time, you should save:

each month, based on growth of per year.

This calculator is purely for illustration purposes only and does not constitute advice or guarantee amounts.


This will depend on how your money is invested and the growth it achieves after tax and product charges. The growth rate may vary during the period of investment, but for the purposes of this calculator we have assumed a constant rate throughout.

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