Regular Saving Calculator

Compound Savings Calculator

If you already have an idea of approximately how much you can afford to save each month, then use our Compound Savings Calculator to find out where these savings get you to.

This tool will help you to understand how much you can accumulate in savings if you put aside that fixed amount of money per month.

By saving and investing regularly you will enjoy the impact of compound growth on your savings over time, and by using this tool you can see how your savings can accumulate over different timeframes. You can also adjust the anticipated growth rate on the investment to understand how this will have an impact on your outcome too.

Once you run the calculator you will be given a full breakdown of the compounding growth year by year.

Calculation Results

Future investment value

Total interest earned

Additional deposits

Interest rate


This will depend on how your money is invested and the growth it achieves after tax and product charges. The growth rate may vary during the period of investment, but for the purposes of this calculator we have assumed a constant rate throughout.

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