We’re excited to announce that our new Hoxton Client Portal mobile app is now available in the App Store and Play Store!

To get started, simply download the app by clicking the below links.


We are proud to be able to unveil the new look Hoxton Capital client portal! New and upgraded, the portal is available to all our existing clients in both Mobile and Desktop format and will be launched live at the end of October 2022.

Your new portal is laden with upgrades and new features.  You can still view the current value and performance of the investments that we manage for you, but now you can also track all your other bank and investment accounts to see all your finances in one place! We have a live price tracker for your stocks and shares holdings, and you can track the live value of your crypto assets too. You can track your properties and add in other physical assets such as cars.

There are extra tools such as the secure document vault, and the retirement calculator, and there will be more tools launched within the app over the coming months.

Welcome to the future client portal experience with Hoxton Capital.

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It’s financial planning made easy. All your important financial information in the palm of your hand. Know exactly where you stand financially, with new Hoxton Capital client portal.

Live Net Worth Tracker

Use the Hoxton Capital client portal to ascertain your global Net Worth at any given time using Live Data from your bank accounts, property price trackers and your investment portfolio.

Multi-Currency Aggregation

The Hoxton Capital client portal allows you to aggregate all of your assets, across all jurisdictions and currencies, to present you with your global Net Worth in your display currency of choice. And you can change your display currency whenever you want.

Track Your Stock Portfolio

You can track any specific stock as part of your portfolio, with our live price tracker, to give you a live value of your current holdings.

Retirement Goal Tracker

The portal’s Retirement Calculator Tool allows you to identify where you currently stand vs your own long term planning goal.

View Your Entire net-worth

See the big picture
Simplify your finances
Improve your finance visibility
Secure your documents

Take control of your financial future

Use the portal to track your financial information in a simple and consistent portfolio view. Set goals and track your progress towards your desired financial position. Store secure copies of your key documents and statements for quick access. The client portal now offers you a fully centralised hub for your entire financial footprint.

Document Vault

Securely store your important documents in one place.


Drill into every aspect of your financial footprint.

Goal Tracking

Understand where you are today versus where you need and want to be.

Property Value Tracking

Aggregate your Real Estate and other physical high-value assets alongside bank and investment accounts.