Hoxton Capital Management acquires Britannia Global Property

Hoxton Capital Management strengthens its network of financial services and expands into the property industry. 

Due to the recent rise and success of Britannia Global Property, we have acquired the property investment company as an additional investment arm to our evergrowing Financial Services entity. They will now operate as Hoxton Property. 

We feel that it fits perfectly with our model of holistic financial planning and will give the opportunity for clients to add to and balance their portfolios with a tangible asset class. 

‘It is great to be working with such experienced professionals in James and David on this exciting new proposition for our clients. We, at Hoxton Capital, are very excited for this acquisition and what it will bring to our clients’.  Chris Ball, Managing Partner.

Matt Dean, Managing Partner of Hoxton Capital Management, also commented ‘Hoxton Capital management has grown notably over the past two years since its inception, we are now building our footprint with, now Hoxton Property’s, strong leadership and impressive success, as well as offering further assets for our existing and future clients. 

James Stanton will be continuing his role as Property Director and Managing Partner of Hoxton Property.  

Hoxton Property is at the forefront of property investment and aims to bring your dream of having the perfect property portfolio a reality. More information about Hoxton Property can be found on the company website: https://www.hoxton-property.com/ 

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