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Track all your bank accounts

You can allow the Hoxton Wealth App to connect to your bank accounts directly and pull in live data to show your balances, transactions and cashflow. In any currency.

Break free from financial confusion
Centralise your global wealth in a single app
Tired of juggling multiple accounts, currencies, and jurisdictions? Our game-changing app untangles the web of financial complexity, empowering international mobile investors to regain control and effortlessly manage their diverse wealth in one streamlined platform. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to clarity and peace of mind.
Start tracking all of your money in one place, today
Get started in just three easy steps
Stock Tracker

The Hoxton Wealth App’s live stock tracker feature allows you to track the live value of your own individual stock holdings as part of your portfolio and overall net worth.

Hold stocks in different countries/currencies?  Not a problem. The Hoxton Wealth App will track the true value and convert it to your ‘home currency’ when aggregating for your net worth.

Connect Crypto
More and more investors now hold Crypto assets as part of their portfolios.
The Hoxton Wealth App offers a live Crypto tracker, allowing you to keep a live view of your crypto holdings and incorporate them into your calculated net worth.
Your Vault

Alongside data centralisation, you can use the Hoxton Wealth App to store a copy of all your key and critical documentation in your secure Hoxton Vault for easy findability, access and convenience.

Your entire net worth on demand

and at your fingertips

Use the Hoxton Wealth App to ascertain your global Net Worth at any given time and in any currency you choose, using live values from your bank accounts, investments, stocks, crypto, property and more.
Welcome to the future of personal financial management, welcome to the Hoxton Wealth App

Your finances in full, and the truest picture yet of your entire worldwide wealth, in one easy-to-use application that you can access from any device, anywhere in the world.

A mobile view for today’s internationally mobile investor.

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Slide John’s career has taken him to four different countries, where he has earned in four different currencies.

He owns two properties, one home and one investment, and he dabbles in stocks and crypto alongside his more conservative long-term retirement investments.

With the Hoxton Wealth App, John can now easily get a single picture of all that he holds and understand, as he desires to, whether he is getting richer or poorer as the weeks and months go by.
Meet John
Slide Sheila owns her family home in England, but still has 10 years to pay on the mortgage. She earns and saves in GBP but does make investments in other currencies to hedge the exposure.

She hopes to retire to southern Europe one day.

The Hoxton App helps her to view her accumulated net worth in her retirement planning currency (EUR) and understand how far she is from her goal.
Slide Paul is originally from South Africa, and still has some savings in an account back home. He now lives and works in Australia and all his current earnings and savings are in AUD.

He is heavily invested into Crypto and this, alongside his superannuation account in Australia, is what he’s relying on to drive his net worth towards his long term retirement target.

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