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Paul Tate started his financial services career in 2011 at Standard Banks subsidiary Liberty Life as a financial advisor, having completed degrees in Investment Management and Financial Management Honours.

Paul has been in the international financial services market since 2015, starting as a senior associate and moving into senior management within operations and compliance. He has shown a strong aptitude towards corporate strategy and compliance, and this understanding has been augmented by further study in Compliance and Risk through the Charted Institute of Securities and Investments.

Tasked with charting the way forward to a truly borderless client experience, he brings passion to the growth strategy of the business.

Paul is soon to be married, with an eye on what the future may bring.


  • Will the UK house price boom continue in 2021?

    Despite the Covid-19 pandemic UK house prices were on the rise in 2020, can it continue into 2021? 

    2020 has proved to be the best year for the UK housing market – in terms of activity at least – in a long time. House prices hit new record highs and saw their strongest growth for years, as measured by any house-price index you cared to use, from the mortgage-tracking indices of Halifax (up 7.6% in the year to November) and Nationwide (up 6.5%), to the detailed transaction data of the Office for National Statistics (up 5.4% to October), or even the rather more nebulous “asking-price” data from Rightmove (up 6.6% to December).  

    January 14, 2021
  • Exclusive alternative investments for the risk averse investor

    Following on from a volatile year and with more volatility potentially on the horizon, Hoxton has sought to source options for investors who are looking to reduce their exposure to equities whilst still achieving a respectable level of growth. With so much in the market, filtering through alternative investments to find options that satisfy our strict requirements was an arduous task. After much deliberation and due diligence, we are happy to present a couple of options we believe tick all the boxes.

    January 13, 2021
  • Markets last week 11/01/2021

    The week was highly eventful in US politics. Although not yet officially declared, the Democrats won the Georgia runoff elections giving President-Elect Biden the slimmest of majorities in the US Senate as well as the House of Representatives. On Wednesday, the riots on Capitol Hill shocked the world but did not prevent the Senate from confirming Biden’s election as President.

    January 11, 2021
  • A look back on our 2020

    Welcome to a new year. We hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and New Year, or at least celebrated as best they could given the circumstances we are in.
    With a bit of luck, this year will be a more precedented one than an unprecedented one, and we will all see a return to the normality that has been gone for so long.

    January 6, 2021

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