Hoxton Services

Hoxton Capital Management provides unparalleled personal financial advice to expatriate clients living globally.

Foreign Exchange
Exchanging money into different currencies can be costly, using our dedicated foreign exchange team can help reduce the cost and beat your current rates by up to 5%.
Tax Advice
Tax can be a potential mine field for most expatriates.  We can help you navigate around any potential fines and ensure any tax that you owe is kept to a minimum.
Getting a mortgage as an expatriate can be tough.  We have an in-house mortgage team who specialise in helping expatriates get the best mortgages at the best rates
Ensuring that your estate is inherited as per your wishes is important for everyone.  Our in-house legal team can help you draft a will to ensure you estate is inherited as per your wishes.
International Pension Transfers
Leaving pensions and retirement plans back in your home country is always an issue.  Our trained financial advisors can help you decide whether a consolidation or move is best for you.
Retirement Planning
Making sure that your future is protected and you can live a comfortable retirement needs planning.  Our qualified advisors can help you ensure retirement is not a struggle.
Education Planning
The soaring costs of education planning over the past few years mean that children are coming out of university with larger and larger debts.  Help you child go through university by planning for it today.
International Life Insurance
Most peoples domestic life insurance policies do not cover them when they are abroad.  Our qualified advisors will help you find insurance policies that cover you internationally.
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