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In Portugal, you are considered a tax resident if you spend more than 183 days within a 12-month period in the country or if you establish it as your “habitual residence,” essentially making it your home. Portugal divides its tax year for residency purposes based on the year of arrival and departure. Therefore, once you permanently move to Portugal and consider it your habitual residence, you will be deemed a Portuguese tax resident from that day onward.

While the UK-Portugal treaty ensures that the same income or gains are not subject to double taxation, it’s important to note that not all income or gains are taxed in both countries. The issue arises when individuals lack knowledge of the rules, potentially leading to overpayment of taxes if they are paying in the wrong country.

Furthermore, in cases where income or gains are taxed in both countries, although it is possible to offset the tax paid in one country against the tax due in the other, if the tax liability in the UK is higher, no refund of the difference will be granted in Portugal.

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This guide was last updated in July 2023.

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