Family Investment Company Guide

This Family Investment Company tax guide for investors taking the limited company route to help structure their finances:

This in-depth guide includes:



Hoxton Tax is part of the wider Hoxton Financial Group of companies. Hoxton Capital’s group companies and affiliates are regulated in some of the most regulated territories in the world to provide financial advice:

  • United States of America: Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Ireland: Central Bank of Ireland (CBI)
  • United Kingdom: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • United Arab Emirates: Securities and Commodities Authority (SCA)
  • Australia: Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)

Basics of the structure are as follows:

  • Share class
  • Shareholding
  • Voting rights
  • Dividends

On an ongoing basis you will be required to file the attached documents:

  • Personal tax returns
  • Corporation tax return
  • Company’s house 

Small self-administered schemes (SSAS) were introduced on A-Day on 6 April 2006. A SASS must be established by an employer – either as a sole trader or through the use of a limited company, partnership etc. A family investment company (FIC) can also use a SSAS for the benefit initially of one or more employees.

A SSAS can hold such assets as:

  • UK and overseas equities listed or dealt on any recognised stock exchange
  • Warrants (for equities)
  • Permanent interest-bearing shares
  • Convertible securities
  • Fixed-interest securities issued by government or other bodies
  • Debenture stock and other loan stock
  • Unquoted Equities
  • Bank and building society deposits
  • Commercial property and land, but not residential property (development opportunities can be explored)
  • Insurance company funds, investment trusts and unit trusts
  • Loans to unconnected parties in certain circumstances
  • Loan backs to employers

All the things you need to know

Our tax advisers created this guide. With close to 4,000 expatriate and cross-border investor clients, we understand the pains of having assets split worldwide and have vast experience advising clients in this scenario. We have put together this easy-to-follow guide to help those investors taking the limited company route to help structure their finances.

This guide was last updated in November 2022.

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