Double Taxation Agreements Guide

A guide to help explain the Double Tax Agreements in place between the UK and the top 30 countries where our clients live.

This in-depth guide includes:


Where taxpayers are registered as a tax resident in two countries and there is a double taxation agreement in place, then the DTA will determine how a taxpayer will pay tax on income received.

Double tax agreements ensure that taxpayers don’t end up paying taxes in two countries. As many of our clients are UK expats, it’s important to be aware of which counties have these agreements.

Our tax team last updated this information on the 14th of September 2022. At this time, all the information was correct.

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This guide was created by our tax advisers. This guide shows the DTA agreements in place with some of the most popular hubs for clients of Hoxton Capital Management. At the time of creating and finishing this document, all the information is correct. This information may change over time, so it is worth checking with Hoxton Tax to confirm the information on this sheet.

This guide was last updated in September 2022

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