Hoxton Capital Management provides unparalleled personal financial advice to expatriate clients living globally.

Who are Hoxton Capital Management?

Hoxton Capital Management is a borderless, independent financial advisory consultancy, unrelenting in its commitment to safeguarding your financial future.

Founded by UK qualified financial advisers, Hoxton Capital Management offers a fresh approach with a dynamic energy that sets it apart from its competitors in the offshore marketplace.

Foreign Exchange

Sending money home? Save up to 5% on exchange.

Offshore Banking

Multi-currency accounts with added protection.


Make sure your assets are dealt with as you wish should the worst case happen.

Regular Saving

Plans that help you invest every month.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Education Planning

Retirement Planning

UK Pension Advice

Life Insurance & Critical Illness Cover



Tax Advice

Inheritance Tax is a tax on your worldwide wealth of up to 40%.

University can be expensive and saving early can ensure your kids can have every possible opportunity.

Expats don't often get company pensions so it is essential they set up a private one.

If you previously worked in the UK and had a private or company pension, there are a few options that become available to you once you move overseas.

If something had happened to you yesterday, what would your family be doing today?

Our property advisers find the best opportunities for long term capital appreciation and rental yeild.

Expat mortgages can be hard to come by, let our team to the work for you!

Our highly experienced team can help you with any tax situation.

To find out more about how we can help you with any of the above, please complete the form and we will get in touch.

For more information on Hoxton Capital Management please visit our website at www.hoxtoncapital.com.