Fixed Return Investment

Fixed Return Investment

There are a variety of reasons for investors to be risk averse. Whether they are nearing retirement, in retirement already or apprehensive of the markets due to a period of uncertainty and volatility, fixed return investments can be a good option for investors who are not comfortable with risk but still want their assets to be working for them.

Fixed return investments come in a variety of forms. The most well-known type are Bonds, which have their own risk ratings depending on the issuer and the underlying plan for the money in the bond. There are many alternative investments offering fixed returns and also structured notes. Structured notes typically offer a barrier of protection on a potential downside, in exchange for a cap on returns in a potential upside.

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Structured notes have an entry deadline called a ‘strike date’. This means that invested capital needs to be processed into the note before that day. New notes are always being issued and there is a wide variety of notes available. 
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The TAB bond is a fixed return product exclusive to Hoxton Capital. It uses short term lending to generate low risk returns.

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