Life Insurance & Critical Illness Cover for Expatriates

A way to help protect your family’s finances, such as mortgage repayments, if you die or become critically ill while living outside the UK.

What types of Life Insurance are available to expats?

In the past, with a few exceptions British expats could expect to find life cover for a maximum term of 10 years and premiums would typically be higher than those paid by someone living in the UK. So if you wanted cover for a longer term you would need to reapply after 10 years, and if accepted you could be charged an increased monthly cost for the new policy. But now things have changed!

It is now possible for many British expats to apply for:
In the majority of cases, we succeed in finding people the life cover they need, at a price they can afford.

If the country you’re living in is considered relatively safe, there’s a good chance that the rates we can get for you will be comparable to what you’d pay if you lived in the UK.

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