Where to invest

Where to invest in the UK

Finding the right location to invest in is as important as finding the right property. Each town has unique characteristics that determine the type of tenant most likely to be seeking a rental home. 

Traditionally, city centre rentals are aimed at young professionals and mobile workers. The higher rents and smaller square footage are offset by the benefits of living close to the office, as well as enjoying the city centre nightlife and amenities. 

The suburbs or rural areas are more likely to suit families, older couples or commuters. Some towns are ideally located for a large local employer, so you might also find some transient workers there that would be suitable for shared accommodation. 

Of course, these are general insights. Each location will consist of a unique demographic. Understanding this demographic makes it easier to select the most desirable and therefore profitable investment. 

Instead of considering areas all over the UK, become an expert in one or two areas. You can see the latest regional house price index in our monthly round ups on the Property blog. 

Learn everything you can about those areas and develop your ideal “sweet spot” investment. Work out what the most profitable purchase price combined with rental value you can achieve. Use these figures to find the perfect property. 

If this sounds like too much work, don’t worry. Our team at Hoxton Property have spent years perfecting their knowledge of key UK locations and can provide you with ready-made deals across the country. 

Each location we work in represents a different style of investment and opportunity. Contact one of our team today to find out how you can benefit from our expert insights and deal sourcing services. 

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