Most affordable expat destination

This city has been named the most affordable destination for expats 

A recent study has revealed the top most affordable cities to live abroad in Europe this year, with Istanbul, Turkey topping the charts. Brits looking to move abroad in 2023 may want to consider this stunning European destination, as it’s been named the most affordable city for British expats. 

Many British expats move abroad for retirement, while others relocate to pursue their career dreams. A recent report by Reassured identified the most cost-effective locations based on the cost of a cup of coffee, free Wi-Fi availability, co-working spaces, and daily rental costs. 


Expat destination Istanbul

The study shows that Istanbul tops the list of affordable places to work and live abroad, with a total of 59,176 publicly available Wi-Fi networks and accommodation prices averaging below 70 (or £62) per day. 

Prices for a cup of coffee in the city average around £1.5 (1.73 euro). So, there is no need to worry about costs when exploring all that Istanbul offers– with plenty of excursions and voyages to the Black Sea, among many other unique attractions. 

Expatarrivals, the travel site, cautions about various cultural differences, emphasising that English is not commonly spoken and advising expats and tourists to become familiar with some basic Turkish phrases. 

Observing all local laws and regulations is essential to enjoy a safe and hassle-free time there. The locals are known for their amiable personalities and hospitality, while the city boasts admirable safety ratings. 

Living in Istanbul is cost-effective overall, with food and drink particularly cited as a good bargain.  

Other Cities

The remaining list of affordable cities for expats are:

  • Sofia
  • Budapest
  • Zagreb
  • Bucharest
  • Madrid
  • Riga
  • Rome


In the list, Istanbul is followed by Sofia in Bulgaria. It’s home to 48 co-working spaces, and cost-effective accommodation can be accessed for €48.96 (£42). 

Budapest, Zagreb & Bucharest

Budapest, Zagreb, and Bucharest are the next most economical cities to live and work in Europe. 


It’s not a common occurrence that many cities provide co-working sites, but Madrid is an exception. 7,437 free Wi-Fi spots are available, and coffee is usually priced around €2.15 (£1.7). 


Experts explained that Riga in Latvia could be an intriguing destination for those looking to work abroad, with an average daily rate of €66.30 (£58). Locals are known for their hospitable nature, making visitors feel at home. In addition, the city has an impressive safety record that may surprise some. 


Rome is the most affordable destination to get coffee, with an average price of £1.3 (€1.47). The Roman city also boasts 38 co-working areas, allowing visitors to experience the beautiful sights and ambience the capital of Italy provides. 

A benefit of offering expats the option of remote working could not only bring about an increase in available talent but also keep existing staff motivated and boost creativity. 


The list of countries where you can affordably live and work is endless. Do your research and find the country that fits your plans. Contact us today, and we can help you manage your finances as an expat.

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