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Worried about the interest rate rise?

… Just ride with it.  There’s a general feeling of Brexit-fueled uncertainty in the air – even here on our sun-kissed and peaceful shores in the UAE. Unfortunately, that sense of unease seems to have given rise to a growing number of ‘pleas for help’ from expats worried about...

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Lifetime Allowance (LTA) Tax charges and Levels of Protection available.

Background The lifetime allowance tax was introduced in 2006 at a level of £1.5 million. It then increased each year to 2010,when it reached a level of £1.8 million. Since 2010, there have been a number of pension reforms which have led to the lifetime allowance being reduced. Its current level in the...

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At a glance – Local Elections

Earlier this month Britons hit the polling booths across the country to decide who would be running their local councils. Usually the local elections don’t garner a huge amount of interest, but given the polarised state of politics in the UK at the moment, it provided an interesting opportunity...

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