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National Insurance uk

Do you qualify for a UK State Pension?

Free bus pass, Senior Railcard, free TV license, NHS benefits, winter fuel payment, Christmas bonus… There are plenty of benefits and perks for retirees. But do you know exactly how much weekly pension you’ll receive? Or from what age you can claim it? Or even if you’re entitled to...

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UAE Inflation

Do you know the impact of Inflation & Deflation on your savings?

The world in general has a natural deflationary bias, the result of natural market tendencies putting downward pressure on costs and prices: emerging markets’ productivity (production of goods by ever cheaper materials and labour), shifting demographics resulting in declining aggregate demand in advanced economies, technological breakthroughs and the energy...

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sending money home

Sending money home?

Currency markets have experienced considerable volatility in recent years. Therefore, if you need to transfer money overseas, you will be aware of the movements in the exchange rates.

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The yo-yo effect – Markets January 2019

Positive market movements started right at the beginning of the year and became the norm throughout 2018, mostly driven by optimism and high stock liquidity. The yo-yo effect At some point, a downfall was expected, and the first one happened in February. We noticed the opening sign of it...

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A duty incumbent on all of us within the financial industry, and certainly within my practice at Hoxton, is to help protect and secure the personal economy of the humble hard-working soul. As a family man driven by high ethics and transparency, I care deeply about my clients and...

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Worried about the interest rate rise?

… Just ride with it.  There’s a general feeling of Brexit-fueled uncertainty in the air – even here on our sun-kissed and peaceful shores in the UAE. Unfortunately, that sense of unease seems to have given rise to a growing number of ‘pleas for help’ from expats worried about...

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