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6 Key Reason BDMs are happier at Hoxton!

Data – the eternal struggle. We all know that data is what makes or breaks you in this business. Typically, this is where BDMs struggle most and usually this is also where they receive the least support from the company and fellow colleagues. At Hoxton we understand that it...

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What is UK Inheritance tax?

In the United Kingdom, Inheritance Tax as we now know it was introduced in the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 and is still mostly governed by the legislation today. UK Inheritance Tax is a tax on UK Domiciled Individuals on their worldwide estate (their property, money and possessions) when they...

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Why are expat mortgages now harder to come by?

New rules that were introduced in 2014 made things tricky for all potential borrowers whose income and expenditure had to be evidenced after this time. For expats things are tougher still. Following European rules introduced in 2016, individuals paid in a foreign currency must now come under closer scrutiny during...

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