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Australia pensions

Australian Pensions

The Australian Pension, known as the “Age Pension”, is a government social security scheme which pays out a steady income to retirees to help them cope with the costs of living when they're retired.

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expat mortgages

What is an expat international mortgage?

Expat international mortgages are mortgages specifically designed for people wanting to purchase property in another country to where they live and work. For example, a British expat couple living in the UAE, wishing to purchase a buy-to-let property in the UK, or remortgage or seek equity release from their...

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The Importance Of Staying Invested

Hollywood movies like Margin Call and The Wolf Of Wall Street give non-financial folks an easily-relatable insight to the stock market, or I should say, the perils of the stock market. How many bubbles can you recall living through? Add to that non-stop news coverage of US presidents’ stock...

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Death Taxes and SIPPs

SIPPs: what taxes are payable on death? What happens to your self-invested personal pension (SIPP) when you die? If you hold a SIPP, the timing of your death directly affects the tax liabilities faced by your chosen beneficiary. Your chosen beneficiary (as an important aside, this is determined by...

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