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Death Taxes and SIPPs

SIPPs: what taxes are payable on death? What happens to your self-invested personal pension (SIPP) when you die? If you hold a SIPP, the timing of your death directly affects the tax liabilities faced by your chosen beneficiary. Your chosen beneficiary (as an important aside, this is determined by...

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Worried about the interest rate rise?

… Just ride with it.  There’s a general feeling of Brexit-fueled uncertainty in the air – even here on our sun-kissed and peaceful shores in the UAE. Unfortunately, that sense of unease seems to have given rise to a growing number of ‘pleas for help’ from expats worried about...

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Lifetime Allowance (LTA) Tax charges and Levels of Protection available.

Background The lifetime allowance taxwas introduced in 2006 at a level of£1.5 million. It then increased each year to 2010,when it reached a level of£1.8 million. Since 2010, there have been a number of pension reforms which have led to the lifetime allowance being reduced.Its current level in the...

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What is UK Inheritance tax?

In the United Kingdom, Inheritance Tax as we now know it was introduced in the Inheritance Tax Act 1984 and is still mostly governed by the legislation today. UK Inheritance Tax is a tax on UK Domiciled Individuals on their worldwide estate (their property, money and possessions) when they...

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What is the 10 year tax rule?

The 10 year tax rule is a tax incentive that can benefit Australians and those who are planning on relocating to Australia. The rule states that an investment that is held for ten years can be withdrawn tax free so long as: A. The investment is held within a...

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Why are expat mortgages now harder to come by?

New rules that were introduced in 2014 made things tricky for all potential borrowers whose income and expenditure had to be evidenced after this time. For expats things are tougher still. Following European rules introduced in 2016, individuals paid in a foreign currency must now come under closer scrutiny during...

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