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investor mistakes

9 common mistakes investors make

Not picking the right adviser. It’s common for first-time investors to use the same adviser as their parent, friend or relative. However, that doesn’t mean the adviser is right for you. Before you choose an advisor, consider your needs and the types of clients they work with. Often we...

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sending money home

Sending money home?

Currency markets have experienced considerable volatility in recent years. Therefore, if you need to transfer money overseas, you will be aware of the movements in the exchange rates.

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The yo-yo effect – Markets January 2019

Positive market movements started right at the beginning of the year and became the norm throughout 2018, mostly driven by optimism and high stock liquidity. The yo-yo effect At some point, a downfall was expected, and the first one happened in February. We noticed the opening sign of it...

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Death Taxes and SIPPs

SIPPs: what taxes are payable on death? What happens to your self-invested personal pension (SIPP) when you die? If you hold a SIPP, the timing of your death directly affects the tax liabilities faced by your chosen beneficiary. Your chosen beneficiary (as an important aside, this is determined by...

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