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Expat wills

Expat Wills

An expatriate will is a will made in a jurisdiction outside of your domicile (home country). It functions the same as any will but covers the estate located in the jurisdiction where it is drawn and serves to make probate (validation of the will, identification and disposal of the...

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Australian Expats

Moving UK Pension to Australia

Yes, retired expats are entitled to receive your British State Pension, even if you live abroad. Your pension can be paid into any bank account in the world, in any currency. But beware, there are tax implications to collecting your UK Pension in Australia.

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Financial advice

Getting The Right Independent Financial Advice

Advice on anything relating to your money may be considered financial advice. Financial advice covers a wide range of areas such as savings, investments, foreign exchange, getting a mortgage, arranging your pension, saving tax and offshore tax advice, insurance, protecting your family, retirement.

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Australia pensions

Australian Pensions

The Australian Pension, known as the “Age Pension”, is a government social security scheme which pays out a steady income to retirees to help them cope with the costs of living when they're retired.

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expat mortgages

What is an expat international mortgage?

Expat international mortgages are mortgages specifically designed for people wanting to purchase property in another country to where they live and work. For example, a British expat couple living in the UAE, wishing to purchase a buy-to-let property in the UK, or remortgage or seek equity release from their...

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Why time in the market is key – Market Update

We continue to express our belief that time in the markets is more beneficial than timing the markets over the long run. This is our backbone through the tension of political and economic climate changes, and we hope the below examples provide confidence for investors who may be caught...

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National Insurance uk

Do you qualify for a UK State Pension?

Free bus pass, Senior Railcard, free TV license, NHS benefits, winter fuel payment, Christmas bonus… There are plenty of benefits and perks for retirees. But do you know exactly how much weekly pension you’ll receive? Or from what age you can claim it? Or even if you’re entitled to...

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