6 Key Reason BDMs are happier at Hoxton!

6 Key Reason BDMs are happier at Hoxton!

  1. Data – the eternal struggle.

We all know that data is what makes or breaks you in this business. Typically, this is where BDMs struggle most and usually this is also where they receive the least support from the company and fellow colleagues. At Hoxton we understand that it is in our best interest to help BDMs speak to the right people. Our in-house marketing team provides leads and our BDMs all work together to utilise tried and tested methods that unsure all BDMs are working as efficiently as possible.

  1. Qualifications – not your cost!

Having the burden of paying for your CISI exams when you first start often sets a lot of BDMs back. The cost of living in the UAE is high enough, we believe that covering this cost for you not only alleviates some of stress for you but proves our determination to invest in our staff.

We don’t stop there! We are committed to getting all our staff up to level 4 UK qualified, so you can truly make a career in the industry even if you return to the UK.

  1. Untarnished reputation.

Hoxton’s reputation is immaculate. When our customers google us, they see only positive feedback. We employ the right people and do the right business to unsure we maintain our great reputation over the long run.

  1. Higher earnings.

Quite simply, Hoxton pays more! The major companies in the industry keep substantially more for themselves when a new client is taken on. At Hoxton the adviser/company split is the most generous in the industry, meaning the BDMs also get more, in some cases as much as double!

  1. Relaxed work environment.

Our employees are treated like adults, no power hours here!

  1. Quality over quantity – not just another cog in the machine.

Our recruitment process is more reserved, we would rather have a few great BDMs than just getting as many as we can fit in the building. As a result, our turnover is very low.

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